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The Traditional Path is an online site dedicated to serving the murids of the Hashimi-Darqawi Order of the Tariqa of Imam Abul Hasan Al-Shadhili, Allah be well pleased with him.

Recorded darses available on this site are lectures given by Shaykh Nuh Keller. This website is designed to fill the needs of Muslims who adhere to traditional Islamic knowledge and spiritual awakening.

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About The Traditional Path TOP

The Traditional Path, formerly known as Tariqa Tapes started in it's humble beginnings pre internet days offering cassettes on the lectures recorded in Amman by Shaykh Nuh.  Twelve years later, alhamdulillah we are currently offering different types of media for you to listen to the lessons. 

How Can I Learn More About The Tariq? TOP

The Shadhili Tariqa has a website you may refer to with many articles explaning tasawwuf and ihsan in general.  We also welcome you to visit the Shadhili Teachings website to get access to pay per download files and extended updated content.

What Do You Sell? TOP

We sell MP3 formatted discs unless otherwise specified, darses by Shaykh Nuh Keller primarily for the benefit of the murid's of the Shadhili tariq, although each lesson in itself is of tremendous blessings by all who listen and benefit. Each lesson is professionally recorded by Shadhili Teachings, all copyrights are protected.  We also sell books of the tariq and various products of interest.

What is an MP3? TOP

The Traditional Path sells disc's that are formatted on an MP3, not audio unless specified.  Because it is an MP3, it can only be played on a desktop/laptop computer or similar device, like an MP3 player or DVD player.

Do You Sell Audio CD Formatted Discs? TOP

Some titles may be available on an audio cd.  These are cases where the lessons are less than one hour.  If you would like an audio CD and not an MP3, use our contact form to ask us if it is available in that format.  Additional charges will apply.

Do You Sell Downloads? TOP

At this time, we do not provide downloaded lessons.  For fully downloaded content, please visit Shadhili Teachings.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept? TOP

We accept Pay Pal and Google Checkout.  Checkout is a breeze! 


Where Do You Ship? TOP

We ship anywhere in the US and worldwide.

How Do You Ship? TOP

We ship media mail/first class mail for orders in the USA.  We ship priority flat rate air mail for all international orders, some contries not applicable. Insurance and tracking is not on these orders, if you would like to insure your order please contact us, additional fees apply.  If you would like quicker service, like express mail with confirmation, please contact us, additional fees apply.

What Are Your Shipping Fees? TOP

We have made every effort to keep shipping costs as low as possible.  Please refer to the chart for shipping costs.  All packages are shipped first class mail, without insurance or tracking.

International parcels shipped priority mail have a confirmation telling you when we shipped, and tells us when you received your pacakge.  Express mail is guarenteed delivery with tracking and insurance.

The postal rates continue to raise each year, we have no control over these rates unfortuantly!

  • CANADA PRIORITY: choose priority mail $12.95 takes 6-10 business days
  • CANADA EXPRESS: choose express mail $29.95 takes 3-5 business days
  • WORLDWIDE PRIORITY: choose priority mail $16.95 takes 6-10 business days
  • WORLDWIDE EXPRESS: choose express mail $38.95 takes 3-5 business days
  • SILSILA POSTER prices vary for shipping plus additional items will be shipped seperate and additional costs will apply.


$12.95priority or $29.95 express $16.95 priority or $38.95 express
SECOND ITEM ADD $0.50 no charge no charge
THIRD ITEM ADD $0.25 no charge no charge
ADDITIONAL ITEMS ADD $0.25 no charge no charge

Shipping Policies TOP

We ship worldwide, including to Canada and the United Kingdom. Our package is guaranteed by express mail only, the more expensive option. Once your package leaves the USA, we cannot track your package; only confirm that we shipped your package.

Due to overseas mailing issues at this time, all complaints must be made to your local postal carrier unless you paid for shipping by express mail. We apologize for this, but the USA does not guarantee any packages leaving the USA.

For any reason your media is blank when the recording is made, we will send another replacement at no additional charge.  Returns back to us will be charged a 10% restocking fee, issued by the method of your orignial payment.  We will accept returns or exchanges within 10 days of arrival of your package. Shipping is non refundable.




Do You Have a Distributor in the UK or Australia? TOP

Yes, we have a distributor in the UK and Australia.  Please use our contact form to get more information.  Our worldwide distributors only sell tariqa awrad books, Dalail al Khayrat and silsila posters.  Our distributor in Australia retails Ustahda Hedaya's Islamic marriage book and contract book for the SunniPath (Qibla) classes and retail orders.

Do You Wholesale? TOP

Yes, we wholesale the following items only:  Ustadha Hedaya Hartford's Islamic Marriage book, Contract book, as well as the mubarak Dalail al Khayrat.

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